Backflow Data Management with Safe Water Commission

Our initial vision was to help cities deal with the overwhelming challenge of managing backflow testing by providing services and technology that addressed the issue head-on while also providing the opportunity to provide confidence that the city is in compliance and less likely to get in costly litigation over water contamination issues.  We realized that municipalities have major challenges meeting the State backflow testing requirements. We believed a new approach was needed to address the backflow testing problem.

From years of real-world leadership experience in the plumbing and irrigation industry, we used our collective knowledge to devise a business model that helped cities, water consumers, and testers benefit have a convenient and robust tool while still reaching the ultimate goal of protecting drinking water. 

Property Owners
  • Protection of Water Supply
  • Reduced Liability
  • Compliance with State Regulation
  • Communication and Education to property owners
  • Paperless forms with hand-held  application for simple and quick testing
  • Ability to use in all cities in MN
  • Ability to keep track of all your clients tests with ability to print if necessary for some cities


  • Easy-to-Use Portal for Finding Contractors
  • Education and Automated Reminders for Testing
  • Backflow expiration lookup

A more simplified view of responsibilities is shown in the image below: