2023 Residential Smart Irrigation Program for Eagan

For this 2023 season, we are working with Eagan, Minnesota for a third year to provide the Residential Smart Irrigation Program (SIP) to conserve the city's precious water. Over the previous two years we worked with over 250 Eagan households to save 23,000,000 gallons. On average, residents should expect to receive back the money spent to join the program within one year.  We have seen residential water savings of as much as 250,000-gallons a year, but most residents should expect on average 50,000 gallons saved which is typically a 50% to 60% reduction in irrigation water used.

The city is paying for much of the costs, so residents obtain the $500 program for approximately $228 for a 6-zone system or less (incrementally more for larger systems).  How does the program work? First we thoroughly evaluate the irrigation system with a "Simple Yard Audit"  then replace the old controller with a Hunter Industries HydrawiseTM SMART weather-based controller that adjusts based on the previous night's forecast at their own virtual weather station we program for them.  We then adjust runtimes based on the information obtained from the Simple Yard Audit.  Next, we educate the resident on the  HydrawiseTM controller application on their cell phone, and discuss primary recommendations for their yard.  Finally, we follow up with a detailed report with recommendations and calculations of previous irrigation water usage versus expected savings due to the SIP.   

To be eligible for the Eagan SIP, one must be able to agree to the following:

  • I have an irrigation system within Eagan city limits that is supplied by city water
  • I have a home-based Wi-Fi that is strong and reliable
  • I have a fully operational irrigation system 
  • I have a traditional (non weather-based) controller in my home or garage with an available outlet within 5 feet (or I have an appropriate extension cord).

 Hit this link to sign up for the 2023 EAGAN SIP - HERE

Stillwater Smart Irrigation Pilot Program

In 2020, the Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners, partnered with Safe Water Commission who, with Hunter Industries, performed a residential pilot program providing 100 smart irrigation controllers, professional installation and programming of them, an irrigation system audit and a professional report. This service, valued at over $500 dollars, cost only $30 to each of the first 100 participants. By participating in this program,  participants saved money on your future water bills to help conserve our precious drinking water.

The smart irrigation controllers were distributed on a first-come/first-served basis to eligible applicants. Installation was in the Spring/Summer 2020.  This small pilot program has already saved Stillwater approximately 10,000,000 gallons of city drinking water as of November 2021!